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We successfully complete projects for our clients using several different delivery methods—from the traditional general contracting method to design/build, modified design/build, and construction management.


York Constructors maintains a highly skilled team of craftsmen, provides realistic schedules, and competitive pricing. We take full responsibility for our self performed work, as well as the quality and project schedule of the subcontractors.

  • Design-Bid-Build: This is the traditional project delivery method. The ability to self-perform work provides a more direct approach to the management of the project. It results in fewer levels of administration as well as much better coordination.
  • Design-Build: This method is gaining popularity in our industry for the faster and lower cost projects with a single point contact. Unlike other delivery methods, it allows continuous collaboration of all parties from the beginning of the project and allows work to start much earlier in the process. The majority of our Design – Build projects are on an “open book,” guaranteed maximum cost contract.
  • Modified Design – Build: This is when the architect and structural engineer are hired by the owner, but the mechanical and electrical design is done through York Constructors.

Construction Management

When time does not allow for the setting of a fixed price, or if your need is not for a General Contractor but for someone to manage multiple contractors in a project, then York Constructors can provide construction management services. We assist clients with scheduling, budgeting, constructability reviews, and preparation and solicitation of bid packages along with awarding trade subcontracts.

Pre-Construction Services

The success of a construction project is most often determined during the design and planning stage. Our pre-construction services include early budgeting of various design options, value engineering analysis, project schedule, constructability reviews, and pre-purchasing.

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